(Greek: Ιθάκη) is an island known primarily as Odysseus’ home from the famous Homeric epic.

Just as the Hellenic hero went through a handful of troubles for a whole decade until he finally reached Ithaca, so our clients slipped between various Scylla and Charybdis of information technologies until they sailed into the peaceful port of ITHACA.

Who are we

We are a team of experts in various fields of information technology

with many years of experience: IT managers, programmers, system administrators, network engineers, information security experts…

Among the companies that have trusted us so far are Serbian Railways, Metalfer Steel,  Tigar a.d., Setup Systems, In Centar, Youth with disabilities forum, International Center for Governance Studies, Belgrade fund for political excellenceDiopta, Volcano bet, Tasić law office, Novi magazin, TeamCAD.

What are we doing

Solutions. We have no products off the shelf

which we sell to clients in colorful packaging, or in bulk. We approach each client individually, measure their needs by analyzing business processes and find the optimal solution. We combine proven business platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 with free open-source programs.

So far, we have developed mobile applications for fieldworkers’ access, solved automatic data extraction from 15,000 PDFs that come to the client’s mail per month, provided a local computer network, created customized document management systems and complex web portals. You can see some of the examples in our case studies below.

Case studies

How we helped our clients


We’re available 24/7

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